Sid M. Dueñas, Lauren Davis Fisher, Lee Relvas, Edie Fake, George Egerton-Warburton, Julie Beaufils, Ellen Schafer, and special guests.

MFAnoMFA Statement
We are a group of seven artists who were brought together by the USC Roski MFA program which we collectively left nine months later.  We continue to work alongside each other, coming together again and again in formal and informal ways. Our exhibition, Waving, is eight weeks of shows and events at the PSSST space as we manifest the shifting ways we exchange energies and dialogues.

PSSST Statement
As former graduate students at CalArts, we personally understand the complex seduction of the MFA and its perceived benefits: time and space dedicated to making work in both a nurturing and stimulating environment where criticality, experimentation, and conversation are paramount. We also know first-hand that a belief in this educational system often results in crippling debt the day after graduation. When Edie, Ellen, George, Julie, Lauren, Lee, and Sid dropped out of USC in a collective action of protest, we (and many of our peers) implicitly understood their motives. For us, it exposed the failings of the institution, the fallacies of what an MFA can honestly provide, and the unsustainably of graduate-level art education as it is currently structured. We founded PSSST on the principle of artists supporting artists and we therefore felt compelled to open our space in solidarity. For eight weeks in June and July these seven artists will take over PSSST and present work. Paradigm shifts happen when artists organize.


SUMMER SCHOOL: Learn Not to Know


SUMMER SCHOOL: Learn To Not Know is a place for art education that embraces curiosity, unpredictability, and open experimentation in a moment when data-driven practices and administrative overreach have come to dominate the field. Rather than seeing the academy as a unified, homogenous whole— a vision that, thankfully, is yet to be realized— and reacting against it, Summer School is an outlet for those ideas and ways of working which are stifled by standardization and compulsive efficiency, whether they come from inside or outside of academia. Our summer-long programming takes advantage of the rich diversity of responses to the crisis in arts education, bringing independently organized alternative education groups from across the Los Angeles area together with artists and collectives who use educational forms (the workshop, the class, the lecture, the degree) as their creative platform, in an effort to spark dialogue and encourage sustained inquiry into the value of unquantifiable knowledge.

Presented by PSSST and organized by Joey Cannizzaro.