The PSSST building is designed for flow between four distinct spaces: the main exhibition/performance space, an outdoor area, four artist studios, and office.

The building is architecturally-tailored to meet both the practical considerations and philosophical needs of a diverse set of practices. Equipped with state-of-the-art technological features, the environment encourages collaborative possibilities between artists of different backgrounds and media. The physical space promotes the blurring of conceptual boundaries and encourages fluidity and evolution in contemporary work. 

The 2,000-square-foot main exhibition/performance space synergizes the qualities of a traditional gallery, music venue, black box theater, and dance studio. Featuring a fully-sprung floor, modular sound and video system, and a grid-based truss infrastructure, PSSST is adaptable to multiple media. With complete lighting control, the space can be presented as typical white-box gallery space with natural and artificial lighting or completely blacked-out for film or theatrical events. The main space opens out onto a 500-square-foot concrete patio. This indoor/outdoor permeability allows the patio to function as an extension of the main space, or as a distinct platform for the presentation of work.  


PSSST strives to create ideal conditions for experimental work to emerge. We have designed an as-sensitive-as-possible interface between meta-worlds of audio, video, lighting and architecture and the human world of bodies, people and community. All systems have been modeled for accessibility, allowing artists to control their own projects without the mediation of specialists. 

PSSST is outfitted with loudspeakers, projectors, cameras, microphones and DMX-controlled lighting, as well as the technology for artists to compose expediently with these tools. The building is networked as a multi-directional facility—an audio or video signal can originate from or be directed to all other 90+ nodes. This infrastructure affords participants the flexibility and precision to cultivate a broad range of public activities as well as a nearly broadcast-ready scenario for production and documentation of radical work. With its dynamic A/V framework, PSSST can be transformed into a gallery, concert hall, dance venue, theater, production studio, or disco.