The Inter/National and Local Residency Programs are two integral components of PSSST’s mission to provide support and compensation for working artists. We believe that artists are more likely to take risks, experiment, and engage in more fulfilling conversations when given the time, space, and money to develop new work. PSSST provides two residency opportunities: one dedicated to national and international performance-based artists (the Inter/National Residency Program) and one for artists currently residing in Los Angeles County (the Local Residency Program).

The Inter/National Residency Program is a one-to-six-month-long housing and studio residency for performance-based artists from outside of Los Angeles. Artists will be provided with a 400-square-foot live/work studio, paid travel expenses, a weekly stipend, open rehearsal times, and a commission to present work in the PSSST main exhibition/performance space. While in-residence, the artist will engage with the community of PSSST through workshops, open rehearsals, lectures, and other programming that fits within the workings of the artist's specific practice.

The Local Residency Program is a six-month-long studio residency for a Los Angeles-based artist. The award is granted through an open call to artists currently living in Los Angeles county who are able to demonstrate that they are presently unable to afford studio space and whose work aligns with the mission of PSSST. Artists will be provided a 400-square-foot studio at no cost for one year. Throughout the residency, artists will be integrated into the PSSST community through occasional programming related to their studio practice. The residency will culminate in a solo show at PSSST’s main exhibition/performance space.

Both residencies are tailored to provide an open and experimental platform in which artists can spend time taking risks and exploring new ideas. The main exhibition/performance space is architecturally-designed to support a variety of performance modalities and provides state-of-the-art technological support for a wide array of media. Artists are encouraged to investigate concepts and ideas that might not otherwise have a venue.



JUNE 2016 - MARCH 2017


B. 1980 San Mateo, CA. Lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Guadalupe Rosales is a visual artist whose work utilizes marginalized histories and personal experiences – memory, trauma and nostalgia. In 2015, she started the Instagram feed, Veteranas and Rucas, a digital archive that is supported mostly by users who submit their own photos of their lives from the ‘90s or earlier.

Rosales is currently artist-in- residence at PSSST. Rosales is using the residency to further develop an ongoing, living archive of 1990’s Los Angeles Chicano party crew memorabilia collected from PSSST’s surrounding neighborhood, Boyle Heights. Rosales’ goal is to represent and humanize a subculture that has previously been under-documented. Her research and archive, related programming, and exhibition in January of 2017 will activate PSSST as a site where community members and artists can contribute, reflect, and engage through historic and contemporary materials.

Instagram: @Veteranas_and_Rucas





Carver Audain is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice has centered around immersive environments for nearly a decade. In recent works, Audain observes and confronts the psychology of the social environments within which we are all immersed, as members of a contemporary populace. Audain's media works are the result of multiple rigorous digital signal processes and editing techniques on a variety of aural and visual stimuli. By contrast, Audain's object based works align common materials with metaphor and narrative, underscoring authorship. Recent works (2016) have been shown at Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery in Philadelphia, as well as Knockdown Center and Fridman Gallery in NYC. Audain lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.