The specific objectives and purposes of PSSST shall be to create and maintain an artistic community founded on the principle of artists supporting artists. The organization’s goal is to foster fellowship, experimentation, mindful engagement, wellbeing, and exchange between diverse communities through exhibitions, events, artist residencies, lectures, screenings, educational and mentorship programs, fair compensation, and support for the production of new work. PSSST actively works with underrepresented artists—women, people of color, LGBTQ-identified.


PSSST is an artist-run nonprofit space that challenges discrete forms and disciplines. Work and worth are oriented towards ideas, experimentation, collaboration, conversation, and fellowship. PSSST invests in artists by valuing process over product and community over singular success and actively works with underrepresented artists.

PSSST occupies a 5,000-square-foot warehouse located in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. Featuring a modular exhibition/performance space and four artist studios, the building is architecturally-tailored to meet both the practical considerations and philosophical needs of a diverse set of practices. PSSST presents exhibitions, performances, educational initiatives, workshops, sound-based events, video screenings, lectures and readings.

PSSST provides two residency opportunities: one dedicated to national and international artists (The Inter/National Residency Program) and one for artists currently residing in Los Angeles County (The Local Residency Program).

PSSST invites its public to participate in a slowing down, a deeper contemplation, and a more invested looking and listening.

PSSST is conceived by Barnett Cohen and Jules Gimbrone.