PSSST presents SONGS FROM MY SHOWS by Ivo Dimchev with Dimitar Gorchakov on piano

The exceptional Bulgarian performer Ivo Dimchev gives one of his live concerts. His enormous musicality and remarkable vocal gifts are part of all of most of his productions for the last 10 years. For this project, he has selected 15 songs from his performances, detached them from their original context, presenting them as independent, individual opuses.

Ivo Dimchev /1976/ is a choreographer and performer from Bulgaria. His work is an extreme and colourful mixture of performance art, dance, theatre, music, drawings and photography. Dimchev is the author of more than 30 performances. He has received numerous international awards for dance and theater and has presented his work all over Europe, South and North America. Besides his artistic work Ivo Dimchev gives master classes in the National Theater Academy in Budapest, the Royal Dance Conservatorium of Belgium in Antwerp, Hochschule der Künste/Bern, DanceWeb/Vienna etc. He is the founder and director of Humarts Foundation in Bulgaria. Since October 2009 after doing his master studies on theatre at Dasarts Academy in Amsterdam, Ivo Dimchev moved to Brussels where he opened a performance space, Volksroom, which weekly still presents international young artists. From January 2013, Ivo Dimchev has been an Artist in Residence in Kaaitheater / Brussels. In 2014 Ivo opened his new place MOZEI in Sofia Bulgaria, an independent space focused on contemporary art and music. His first book Stage Works 2002- 2016 will be available before and after the concert.

SEPTEMBER 11th, 2016


the wulf. & PSSST present OPEN SOURCE

Open Source is a series of events dedicated to interdisciplinary works using technologies in novel and innovative ways. For this evening of live performances, curators Scott Cazan and Stephanie Smith bring together a diverse, international cross-section of artists, musicians, and dancers featuring Carmina Escobar (Mexico, voice and electronics), Oguri (Japan, dance), Liew Niyomkarn (Thailand, electronics and performance), and Ulrich Krieger (Germany, saxophone and electronics).

Artist Bios:

Carmina Escobar is an experimental vocalist, performer, improviser, sound and intermedia artist from Mexico City. My work focuses primarily on the voice, the body and their interrelations to physical, social and memory spaces. At the moment I live and breath in Los Angeles, CA. / Carmina Escobar es una vocalista experimental, ejecutante, improvisadora, artista sonora e intermedia originaria de la Ciudad de México. Mi trabajo se enfoca primordialmente sobre la voz, el cuerpo y sus interrelaciones con espacios físicos, sociales y de la memoria. Actualmente vivo y respiro en Los Angeles, California.

Oguri, a native of Japan, began his career as a dancer with master Tatsumi Hijikata, the creator of the Butoh dance form in post World War II Japan. Oguri joined famed dancer Min Tanaka's company, Mai-Juku in 1985, and for five years lived, worked, and helped establish Tanaka's farm outside of Tokyo. A resident of Southern California since 1990, Oguri formed his Los Angeles-based dance company, Renzoku, in 1993. He is the co-founder and artist-in-residence of La Boca, a studio/theater in the Sunshine Mission/Casa de Rosas (the oldest shelter for homeless women in Los Angeles) and an artist-in-residence at the Venice community theater the Electric Lodge. Oguri teaches and performs worldwide, and has received support from the California Arts Council, the James Irvine Foundation/Dance USA, the New England Foundation for the Arts National Dance Project, the Rockefeller Foundation and the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department.

Liew Niyomkarn is an artist who manifests sound as a medium into a form of performance, sculpture and installation. Liew's work is known for its ecstatic and surprise events which often expresses a sensory of flexibility and impermanence of sound and objects. Liew's compositions also appear in films and advertising. Liew currently lives in Den Hague, Netherlands. Liew's performance is in a support of High Zero Festival.

Ulrich Krieger is a German composer and saxophonist living in Southern California.He works in a variety of contexts from classical and new music, reductionism, drone, minimalism and just intonation to free improvisation, noise, electronica, rock and metal.His special field of interest is the cross-pollination of rock and new experimental music, in the limbo where noise, metal, silence, ambient, and experimental chamber music meet. He collaborated, performed and toured with artists like Lou Reed, Lee Ranaldo, LaMonte Young, Phil Niblock, Merzbow and Christian Marclay. He is professor for composition, experimental sound practices and rock music at the California Institute of the Arts.

August 26th, 2016



CRUSHES (Paul Pescador) 
SEABANDS AND TUMMYDROPS (Chris Adler and Ali Edmark)

 Vacancy presents Paul Pescador’s latest film Crushes at PSSST. Pescador’s prolific practice stretches from film, performance to photography, interweaving drawing, assemblage, and the sculptural into personal narrative; often humorous explorations of contemporary dating, loneliness and love. In Crushes, hand drawn and stop-motion animations illustrate real world experience, while live-action performances channel states of emotional in-betweenness. This will be Crushes world premiere. 

In a curatorial exchange, Pescador will present Seabands and Tummydrops, a film by Chris Adler and Ali Edmark, curators/directors of VACANCY. Adler & Edmark’s works function as participant observation, searching for visual poetry within confined experiences; this time, shuttered aboard a cruise liner bound for Ensenada, Mexico.

Crushes will be screened at PSSST in preparation for Pescador’s solo show at VACANCY opening September 3rd.

JUNE 24TH - JULY 31ST, 2016


A collaboration between PSSST and Anna Betbeze, Jesse Fleming, Luis Flores, Deana Lawson, Keaton Macon, K.r.m. Mooney, Litia Perta, Barb Smith, and Dorian Wood.

"Everybody! Come Stand on the Altar!" is a 30 minute performance of materials with no discrete beginning or end. It is an invitation to engage in an immersive constellation of objects, sounds, images, language, and lighting. In the first instant of a theatrical encounter, there is space for abstraction, empathy even, as we begin to ask questions, as we begin to focus. Lights go off and on, sounds overwhelm then recede. Our eyes adjust, if we are sitting, our bodies may sink–we fidget because the feeling is powerful and the space before a beginning is open. In this diffuse moment, we are enraptured by a series of relationships that unfold—things we have seen before, fragments of fantasies and projections, known objects taking different forms. Instinctively, we silence ourselves, we long to know more, we wait for catharsis.

Each work calls for, begs for, a delicate attention. When woven together with bodies in space, PSSST believes that a decentralized sacred space can emerge. There is a stage. There is no stage. The stage is always changing. Come stand with us on the altar.

In the wake of the Orlando shooting where 49 members of the Latino and LGBTQ community lost their lives, PSSST reflects on the need for queer space now more than ever. We ask ourselves and our various LGBTQ communities -- comprised of poc, activists, immigrants, artists -- throughout LA to consider: What is Queer space in 2016? What are our needs? How do we make space for understanding if our intersectional communities have conflicting needs? What can it look like? 

This conversation will be led by James Rojas, Daveed Kapoor, and Kaucyila Brooke

This is the second in a series of monthly meeting PSSST will be holding to engage greater LA, especially marginalized folx, to come together and disuss the issues that are impacting our communities. PSSST believes in autonomous organizing for people who are greatly affected by the day-to-day struggles associated with being a minority. PSSST strives to build community by bringing together segregated groups to forge a greater intersectional body politic.

JAMES ROJAS is an urban planner, community activist, and artist. He has developed an innovative public-engagement and community-visioning method that uses art-making as its medium. Through this method he has engaged thousands of people by facilitating over four hundred workshops and building over fifty interactive models around the world - from the streets of New York and San Francisco, to Mexico, Canada, Europe, and South America. He has collaborated with municipalities, non-profits, community groups, educational institutions, and museums, to engage, educate, and empower the public on transportation, housing, open space, and health issues.
Rojas is also one of the few nationally recognized urban planners to examine U.S. Latino cultural influences on urban design and sustainability. He has written and lectured extensively on how culture and immigration are transforming the American front yard and landscape. He is the founder of the Latino Urban Forum, an advocacy group dedicated to increasing awareness around planning and design issues facing low-income Latinos. Rojas has lectured and facilitated workshops at MIT, Berkeley, Harvard, Cornell, and numerous other colleges and universities. His installation work has been shown at the Los Museum of Contemporary Art, The Institute of Contemporary Art / Boston, the Venice Biennale, the Exploratorium, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Bronx Museum of Art, and the Getty. His research has appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Dwell, Places, and in numerous books.

DAVEED KAPOOR has practiced architecture, development and construction in Los Angeles since 2000, and has completed over 70 commissions in California. In 2005, he founded, a land development, placemaking and architecture collective focused on creating space that improves the quality of people’s lives. Utopiad has designed, permitted and constructed multiple housing, hospitality, live/work, manufacturing places and arts spaces throughtout California, including PSSST. He commutes by foot or bicycle and is a transit advocate that has implemented bus stops, bike lanes, bus only lanes, parklets and pedestrian upgrades. Daveed serves on the Los Angeles Walks steering committee. 

KAUCYILA BROOKE is an artist and educator. Her work is concerned with the mechanisms of power and representation and asks what possibilities exist for the individual to interrupt the dominant cultural codes. Brooke's documentary video and photographic project The Boy Mechanic (1996–ongoing) is a project that documents the history of lesbian bars in cities and towns across the United States and Europe. Loss of architecture and the frailties of public memories have often been the motivation for photographic documentation of changing urban spaces; focusing on the lesbian bar reveals how sexuality and sexual identity inform larger narratives about public identity and social space. The photographs, video, and maps of The Boy Mechanic document and give authority to narrations of lesbian bar life, so often anonymous or mute, and now waning. She has exhibited work throughout the United States and Europe. She is the former Director of the Program in Photography and Media at CalArts where she has been a regular member of the faculty since 1992.


Friday June 3, 7-10pm
Artist-in-Residence Guadalupe Rosales and independent curator and PSSST Director Adrian Rivas host a video screening and conversation about artistic practice, (sub)culture, and politics. During her residency at Self Help Graphics, Rosales began an ongoing archival project called "Map Points." At PSSST, she continues to work on this project developing an archive of photographs, objects and ephemera related the 90's SoCal Latino party crew scene. Rosales will also open her studio to anyone who wants to learn about her current projects and residency.

Saturday June 4, 7-Midnight

DJ Sessions with DJ Dose Manuel Corral (Swing Kidz Crew), Carlos DJ Hi-C (The Valens / Head of Strictly Hardcore Ent.), Rob Free (Nice Dreams), DJ Boogieman (East LA / SGV), DJ Marvel from City Terrace and DJ Mixxo (SGV) spinning that Jungle House, Techno, and KROQ.

Sunday June 5, Noon-5pm

Oskar De La Cruz (Owner of Luxe De Ville), Liz O, and Rob Free (Nice Dreams) spinning 90’s familia (LGBTQ).

Wednesday, June 8th, 7-9pm

Readings from 90’s diaries, Guadalupe talks with Leon Donjuan on the subject of 90’s Party Flyer Design. Presidential Campaign reading by Rosales and video by Raul Baltazar.

Thursday, June 9th, 7-9pm
Sound Performance by Joe Galarza of Genetic Windsongs of Truth and Revolt, and rare 90’s videos by Raul Baltazar and Victoria Delgadillo (The Mexican Spitfires).