PSSST is pleased to present The Closest Distance, a solo exhibition by the New York City based artist and October 2016 PSSST Inter/National Resident Carver Audain.

October 15th - November 20th
Thursdays - Sundays 11AM-6PM

Incorporating interactive multi-media installation, video, and sculpture, the exhibition spans throughout the space and operates as three independent elements that culminate as a single statement regarding the practices and function of syndicated conduits of information in a modern and technologically engaged society.

Audain’s work continues to evaluate the psychological environment that we, as members of a contemporary populace, are immersed within via the orchestrated dissemination of media, and the manners in which these stimuli inform our identity, and perceptions of those around us. Repurposing the auditory and visual noise that occurs during the process of electron beams interacting within vacuum tubes as they are projected through phosphorescent screens, Audain engages recently abandoned CRT Technology as an acknowledgment of a point in modern history when societal exposure to systematized information was meager in comparison. Audain postulates the relationship between the appearance of the cascading white dots against a black background, versus the presence of the contorted electromagnetic spectrum that emerges upon perlustration, as an applicable metaphor when considering the function and manifestations of concerted activity effectuated by the corporate media apparat, and the inherent societal deformities that occur as a result.

With this installation, Audain seeks to call attention to the viewer's awareness of themselves within physical as well as figurative space, to invite the viewer to consider the manners in which we as beings endowed with a subconscious construct identity, and the inherent fragility and potential of that continual procedure.

Carver Audain is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice has centered around immersive environments for nearly a decade. In recent works, Audain observes and confronts the psychology of the social environments within which we are all immersed, as members of a contemporary populace. Audain's media works are the result of multiple rigorous digital signal processes and editing techniques on a variety of aural and visual stimuli. By contrast, Audain's physical works align common materials with metaphor and narrative, underscoring authorship. Recent works (2016) have been shown at Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery in Philadelphia, as well as Knockdown Center and Fridman Gallery in NYC. Audain lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.