PSSST is an artist-run not-for-profit space founded on the principles of generosity, attentiveness, experimentation, and conversation. Borrowing audience engagement strategies from the performing arts, PSSST invites its public to participate in a slowing down, a deeper contemplation, and a more invested looking and listening.

PSSST is an artist-run nonprofit space founded on the principle of artists supporting artists.

Artists supporting artists is engaging in hard conversations / privileging process over end products / fostering space for experimentation, failure, and imperfection / valuing artists' ideas, labor, time, and energy / creating alternate economies of exchange / promoting non-hierarchical educational processes / questioning existing power structures / holding ourselves accountable / letting go of control / looking / listening / slowing down / showing up.


September Hours, by Appointment
1329 E 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033 [map]


INTER/NATIONAL RESIDENT : Carver Audain - September - October 2016

CRIT CLUB : a monthly gathering of Los Angeles-area artists from all disciplines dedicated to developing projects that defy easy categorization. Applications due 9/23.